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Filling All 34 Appointed Ministerial Positions Will Add New Dimension To Governance Gov. Siddaramaiah of Karnataka

Siddaramaiah, the chief minister of Karnataka, said on Saturday that all 34 cabinet positions had been filled with the goal of giving the state's government a fresh new look. He said that the choice to occupy every authorised cabinet position was decided in order to keep the pledges the Congress made in its election campaign.

“In the state, a full-fledged cabinet has been established. In addition to the Chief Minister, 33 other positions have been filled. According to him, portfolio allocation would be completed today or tomorrow. The Chief Minister described the makeup of the state government as a mixture of new and familiar faces. He said that first-time lawmaker winners were not appointed to the position of minister.

“The government need to keep its end of the bargain. The public wants change. This cabinet was created with the intention of giving the government a fresh look, according to Siddaramaiah. The opposition has been under increasing pressure to put into effect the five promises that the Congress has pledged, and the chief minister lashed out at them.

“The opposing parties didn't keep their word. We've kept our promises in the past. We'll keep acting in the same way. The next cabinet meeting would include a presentation of the five assurances, according to Siddaramaiah. The five party assurances will be examined, agreed, and put into effect shortly, he stressed.

In response to a question, Siddaramaiah acknowledged that the party's stipulation that a first-time MLA shall not be named a minister prevented Kodagu, Haveri, Hassan, Chikmagalur, and a few other districts from receiving representation.

Congress pledged five guarantees in its manifesto: 200 units of free electricity for all households (Gruha Jyoti), 2,000 rupees per month in assistance for the woman who heads every family (Gruha Lakshmi), 10 kilogrammes of free rice for every member of a BPL household (Anna Bhagya), 3,000 rupees per month for graduate youth who are unemployed and 1,500 rupees per month for diploma holders who are unemployed (both in The party leaders had pledged that the Congress administration would execute these promises shortly after taking office.

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