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"Attacking our places of pilgrimage is not acceptable." PM Modi on Australian temple vandalism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the world agrees with him when he says that the “attack on pilgrimage sites is not acceptable,” in reference to the rise in temple vandalism occurrences in Australia.
PM Modi stated that the “world is eager to listen” to him as and when he attempts to raise such an issue while addressing a public gathering on Thursday in Delhi, closing his three-nation tour. “I want to advise you to talk with confidence while discussing the culture and rich heritage of India; never adopt a slave attitude. The whole globe is waiting to hear. “The attack on our pilgrimage sites is not acceptable, and the entire world agrees with me on that,” he stated.
After wrapping off his three-nation tour of Japan, Papua New Guinea, and Australia, PM Modi landed at Delhi's Palam airport earlier in the morning.
The world wants to know what India is thinking right now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a statement at the conclusion of the visit.
“The people here asked me why I gave the vaccines to the world,” PM Modi stated. I wish to highlight that Gandhi and Buddha both came from this country. Even our adversaries are cared for by us. The world now is interested in what India is thinking.
He also discussed India's rising prominence and how it is appreciated on a worldwide scale. He said that this confidence stems from the country having an absolute majority and thanked the people for their continued support of his administration.
“I stare into the eyes of the world when I discuss the culture of my nation. You have established a nation-wide government with an absolute majority, which has given you this confidence. People who love India, not PM Modi, are the ones who have traveled here, he said.
The Prime Minister was welcomed at the airport by BJP National President JP Nadda and other party members upon his arrival earlier today.
The BJP national president praised PM Modi and added, “The world loves your government style. Your signature was requested by US Vice President Joe Biden, which demonstrates how the world views India under your leadership.
“The PM of Papua New Guinea showed how much respect you had there by touching your feet. When they witness how warmly our Prime Minister is being received, the Indian people are proud, he remarked.
Additionally, a sizable group of BJP members and supporters gathered in front of Palam Airport to greet PM Modi.
Tamil is our language, Prime Minister Modi declared as he discussed the publication of the novel “Thirukkural” in Tok Pisin in Papua New Guinea. It is the common tongue of all Indians. It is the world's oldest language. In Papua New Guinea, I got the chance to introduce the novel “Thirukkural” in its Tok Pisin version.
PM Modi spoke at a landmark community event and conducted bilateral discussions with his Australian counterpart during his three-day tour. Additionally, he met a number of business titans and notable Australians.
Thousands of Indians from abroad attended the community gathering at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney Olympic Park, many of whom traveled there on a special “Modi Airways” flight for PM Modi's speech in Australia.
At the gathering, Australian Prime Minister Albanese likened Prime Minister Modi's popular appeal to that of legendary rock artist Bruce Springsteen, who is known to his followers as “The Boss.”
In addition to the Australian PM, MPs from the governing party, the opposition parties, and the previous PM all attended the Indian diaspora celebration in Sydney. Democracy's power lies in this. They all together took part in this Indian community activity, PM Modi told the crowd gathered at Palam Airport.
On Monday of this week, PM Modi and James Marape, the prime minister of Papua New Guinea, co-chaired the third India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) Summit.
First Indian Prime Minister to visit Papua New Guinea is PM Modi. Prior to this, he traveled to Japan where he attended the G7 advanced economies conference and spoke privately with a number of international leaders. Alongside the G7 meeting in Hiroshima, the Quad meeting was also held.

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