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Is Aamir Khan Studying Classical Music And Spending An Hour A Day Singing? Learn More Here

<p>Aamir Khan has been spending his time with his family and pursuing new interests during his sabbatical from movies. It was previously said that Aamir picked up culinary skills from his mother and is now a respectable chef after moving to Chennai to care for her. It is now said that the performer is studying classical music.</p>
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<p>The actor’s newest pastime, according to ETimes, is listening to classical music. According to a source cited in the news, Aamir dedicates one hour each day to his singing. He is studying classical music with a tutor and performing his riyaz with assiduity.</p>
<p>Aamir had already promised to study Marathi and had been seen using the language while conversing with Marathi reporters and paparazzi. He will, nonetheless, shortly resume his cinematic career. He has already said that Sitare Zameen Par would be the title of his next movie. In addition, he is set to create Lahore 1947, starring Sunny Seol. Aamir may make a brief appearance in the movie, according to certain rumors.</p>
<p>Personal news: yesterday night, his daughter Ira Khan wed her longtime partner Nupur Shikhare. The pair made their first appearance after the registry, cuddling up to one other and taking pictures with their relatives. Sources claim that Aamir personally called his B-town acquaintances and colleagues to attend the wedding and wish the couple well. “The holidays keep most actors away from the city. A source close to News18 said, “Those who are unable to attend their special day will participate in the reception in Jaipur.</p>
<p>Fitness instructor Nupur is well-known for having helped Aamir Khan and Sushmita Sen achieve remarkable physical changes. The pair originally met during the Covid-19 lockdown, when Aamir’s daughter Ira was living with her father and Nupur was mentoring Aamir on his fitness effort.</p>

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